WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER ( Last song in Youtube video GIG 2 Home page)

( Bear in mind the ‘what have the Roman’s ever done for us’  Monty Python sketch)

And we’re all in this together…hang,…no we ain’t

Apart from Politicians, it ain’t just their expenses,

That most of them are fiddling.

And we’re all in this together,..no wait

Apart from party donor’s, the prospect of a knighthood,

Gives them all a boner.


If you’re one of those, in the know,
With friends in high places then anything goes.

You don’t have to worry, when things go pear shaped,

When all of the judges are all your best mates!


And we’re all in this together…hang on,…no we ain’t!

Apart from venal banker’s. They lose a punt..

The coked up ..( your suggestion here).

And we lose all our taxes.

And we’re all in this together…hang,…no we ain’t!

Apart from corporations. They pay themselves a bonus.

Our jobs they’re liquidating!


The spooks are all tracking, our calls and our mail.

Blowing that whistle, will land you in jail.

The tv and papers’s tow government lines.

They hack all our phones, and tell large porky pies!


And we’re all in this together.

Apart from those who’s ruling.

The party’s are passed their shelf life.

Who’d they think they’re fooling!

And we’re all in this together.

Apart from all of us.

But if we were all together.

Them other ‘togethers go bust!



Bankers are wankers I’m sure we all agree

They bung themselves a bonus Bankrupting you n me

And when they wank a bank until it can’t take anymore

they’ll go home and they’ll have a wank all over her indoors.


there’s always one last juicy deal lease the wife and kids

throw in a pair of kidneys remember to tell Sid

They’ve nicked all our savings They’ve nicked our pensions too

To pay for that new Lambo And a trophy girlfriends boobs


Bankers are wankers I really do believe

Bout time the bleeding system faced real scrutiny

Cos 30 years improving productivity

fat lot of good that’s done us there’s no pips left to squeeze.


Our knackered old economy is on the Sarsons strokes

The coffers are all empty they shot our final load

The government are in on it cos when we pay our tax

We might as well hand it over straight to goldman sachs


What do we want! Our billions back!

When do we want it! NOW!  ( x 4 times)


Bankers are wankers they’re all above the law

they sell us dodgy mortgages and then they fix Libor

but now they crossed a line and they can all be very sure

Come the revolution they’re the first against the wall!






Im off on a little trip to Switzerland as they say,

I may be some time

Because when a man’s gotta do what I have to do,

It’s the only place it aint  a crime.

And you may think it highly unusual,

That fate’s been over-ruled.

And despite the inconvenience,

God will have to re-schedule.


Because I’m off on a little trip to Switzerland,

I may take a yodelling class.

And have a tryst with a heidi miss,

Spelunking up her mountain pass.

And bored with the schmorges and the gluvine,

I think the fondue fun I’ll pass.

Cos I booked the Existential Suite,

At the hotel Dignitas.


So Im off on a little trip to Switzerland,

Toodle pip and a happy ta ta.

I wont be sending a wish you were here,

cos hell don’t do post cards.

And I wont be with a loved one dear, to shed a tear,

As I’m done and dusted.

For as they alight from the flight back home,

They’d immediately get busted!


So I’m off on a little trip to Switzerland

The irony’s not lost on me

A healthier clime, one fails to find

To shuffle off with dignity.

Is it really better on the NHS

Now it’s all gone to the dogs

No, Switzerland is the place to go

When you want to pop your clogs.