Yup, unbelievable but true. This is officially my first gig in 40 years, and now that’s the title of this video. And in fact it is the world premier of the THATGUYBLOKE Split Wet Open Mic Tour. I did hand out the hymn book so I could get prompts from anyone in the audience feeling empathy and pity. Open mic night at The Birdcage in Norwich, 2nd December 2015.



THE BANKERS SONG ( Adult version)

The Bankers Song ( Adult version ) ( sorry about the ad! Still figuring out all the internettery schmorgery)

EP 1st December

EP out now! Released 1st December 2015, ‘Ballads for the Bladdered’ (EP Half Shandy Mix ) is available on CD Baby, iTunes etc. ( It’s cheaper on CD Baby!). It’s got five songs, plus a bonus track, kind off, all fruity, saucy, ribald offerings for your perusal. £ 2.99 on CD Baby.

CD Baby music store:

TGB Ballads cover 15.jpg

Passports everywhere!

USA passport 2.jpgUSA passport 1.jpg

Chris Hedges Speech set to music.

Music for Strangers: Ozymandias

A powerful speech given by Chris Hedges is set to music: ‘Razor’ by Fat Freddy’s Drop. Given the overall sad and tragic events regarding various  profoundly mis-guided entity’s, it is insightful and urgent in the message it conveys about the spiritual and moral survival of our society.


Banks Still Looting UK Tax Payers

An article in right-wing The Telegraph, opined – “Punishing the banking industry punishes the UK as a whole” where it postulates that in 2014 the banking industry contributed over £30bn to the treasury. What this article fails to say is that half of that tax paid was employee taxation, and only £1.6bn paid as corporation tax …. for the entire industry. Don’t forget that banks are still paying billions in fines, used to offset even more tax contributions.

Five of the biggest banking corporations in the world paid no tax on its UK operations, whilst many others paid very little, their contribution to an austerity ridden nation caused by their malicious and egregious abuses being next to nothing.

Labour MP, John Mann, said: “The tax receipts from these large financial institutions show what a charade their claim to pay their fair share has become. They rely on the taxpayer to underwrite their risk, yet they pay a minimal return back to the exchequer.” Full article here:

More venality!

HSBC escapes action by City regulator following Swiss tax scandal

Rowen Nails It

Worth a read from Rowan Bosworth-Davies’s blog.


If you needed any more proof that the Bankers have the Tory Posche in their pockets, here it is.

The City regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), has shelved plans for an inquiry into the culture, pay and behaviour of staff in banking.

The FCA had planned to look at whether pay, promotion or other incentives had contributed to scandals involving banks in the UK and abroad.

The shadow chancellor said it was a “huge blow to customers and taxpayers”.

The Treasury denies involvement in the decision – which some commentators have suggested was politically motivated.

The FCA said it had decided a “traditional thematic review” would not help it achieve its “desired outcomes”, promising instead to encourage the “delivery of cultural change”.

Mark Garnier MP, a Conservative member of the Treasury Select Committee said he was “disappointed” by the decision.

Banks around the world have faced huge fines from regulators for their involvement in numerous scandals.

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