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Basically a UK bloke, called Guy, singing and playing original songs on a ukelele. Preferably in a pub full of of beery people having a laff. Still getting me act together literally tho so doing open mics here n there ( The Split Wet Open Mic Tour) developing me stage craft, like.

The EP ‘BALLADS FOR THE BLADDERED’ , released 1st December 2015, is available at the CD Baby Store:   http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/thatguybloke4

It’s also available on iTunes and Amazon Play, just search for ‘ThatGuyBloke’ and you should get there. BUT, it’s cheaper on CD Baby, because the corporate behemoths set their own price!



BALLADS FOR THE BLADDERED ( Half Shandy Mix) EP is a small collection of original, ribald songs. The ‘Half Shandy’ reference means it’s a pretty bare production; just me and a uke, but that’s all it is in reality so there it is. If old Justin Beeberage and Skilwreck want to do a cover, fill your boots.

NOTE: It is highly recommended that in order to get the full artistique merit of the EP one should not only crank it up and join in, but you should quaff at the very least two pints of the finest craft beer you can lay your hands on. Minimum 4.8% alc or preferably 5.6% or for the connoisseur, 7.4%.

Righto so here’s the EP schmorgery:

Lay-by Life: A little song about going off grid. Or basically jackin it all in and buying some old knackered camper and hitting the road. We all have a dream don’t we.

A Little Trip To Switzerland: A little song to lighten the mood after a jaunty start, about assisted suicide. No, not a Leonard Cohen type ditty, think Noel Coward mashed with Eric Idle. Tart; an amuse bouche for the vocal chords.

Mango Mango: A little song in the Caribbean, mento tradition that portrays someone in need of a mango. The sub-text is down to your own filthy mind.

We’re All In This Together: A little song based on the mendacious slogan slithered out by the conservative party after winning the 2010 election. It’s a bit freeform, so bear with it.

The Bankers Song ( PC version ): A little song about being pissed off with all those venal bankers who have nicked all our taxpayers money. This politically correct version is for those of a sensitive nature and delicate pallet, small nervous children ( although “boobs” is still in there), little trembly dogs, Mothers in Law, members of the Clergy and general lemon suckers of all colours and creeds everywhere, this is for you!

The Bankers Song: A little song as above in all it’s full profane glory!

Righto, that’s it really. The idea is to do some open mic nights, because in all honesty I’m not sure if anyone would pay for this frankly! So the ‘Split Wet Open Mic’ tour will hopefully get up and running in 2016 at some point.


Created October 2015.

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